About me



Welcome to my new venture into the cyber-world of blogging.  My name is Hannah, hence the blog name 😉 , and I am a self confessed craft magpie. I have been addicted to all things fabric and crafty for as long as I can remember – two of my favourite childhood toys were a child’s knitting machine, and a sewing machine.  My amazing parents bought me my own sewing machine for my 18th birthday, which unfortunately died earlier this year, forcing me to buy a new one which I am soooo pleased with!  If anyone’s wondering, I can thoroughly recommend Janome machines.

For most of my life my passion has been for making and customising clothes, and to me summer holidays were made for creating my new wardrobe, so I would imagine that a lot of my posts will be centred around that. But I do have a husband and son, and a house (which seems to be an eternal project), so other things will creep in from time to time.

My aim here is to inspire other people to re-ignite their love of craft, or to start one, as I always feel more at peace, more alive, and more productive when I have created something or have been creative in some way.  I am hoping for myself that writing this blog will make me create more time for crafting in my own life, and force me to finish projects, as I am always leaving things half done.  So my plan is to show you a mixture of DIYs, reviews, hints & tips, and customisations for yourself, your kids, and your home.


Happy crafting!